On this date six Wisconsin deer hunters were shot to death.  The man convicted of their murders was a Hmong truck driver from St. Paul, MN.  On that Sunday morning, the hunters found him perched in one of their hunting stands and what followed led to an altercation and eventually the shootings. The intruder said that the hunters surrounded him and began spewing profanity and racial epithets at him.  He pleaded self defense.  However the evidence, including the fact that four of the hunters had bullet wounds to the back, made it clear that it was in a fit of anger that he lashed out at the deer hunters and not as a desperate act of self preservation.  The location of the bodies made it clear that the killer had  "hunted down" his victims, including chasing them around trees and ATV's.  Only one of the victims was armed and he (one of two survivors of the massacre) was wounded and unable to defend the group.  There is much to this story including racism angles, and the great irony of hunters becoming the hunted.  We choose, however, to concentrate on the immeasurable loss and horrendous grief that has been steeped on the victims and their families and friends.  We extend our deepest sympathies.

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