A member of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, William C. Quantrill was known for his excellent leadership skills and unique military tactics.  As the War was coming to a close and the Confederacy's defeat was imminent, Quantrill created his own splinter guerilla group.  His group and others like it became known as "bushwackers."  Although, this particular faction would gain notoriety as "Quantrill's Raiders."  They would attack Union supply convoys and the like, but most often, ended up terrorizing and murdering northern civilians.  Among the members of his guerilla company were Frank James and Cole Younger.  It was from amidst this post-Civil War uphevel that the James/Younger gang would evolve.


Confederate Cemetery, Higginsville, Missouri


William C. Quantrill has at least two burial locations.  There was a conflict as to where he should be interred.  In this location are his arm, shinbone and other small fragments.

Also buried in the same Confederate Cemetery is James R. Cummins.  Also a bushwacker, he at one time rode with the James/Younger gang.  Although he was not at Northfield.

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