OCTOBER 3RD, 1954 to AUGUST 27TH, 1990








Stevie's father is buried at approximately an "11:00" location from SRV's larger stone.





On July 8th, 2007 Jimmie Lee Vaughan performed at The Cabooze nightclub in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We were lucky enough to be there for that fantastic show.  In the middle of the set, Jimmie stepped on stage and played a solo version of "Six String Down, " the song that Aaron Neville wrote for SRV.  This photo was taken during that song.  Even though he's probably played the song hundreds of times, his pain was still evident.  Everyone in the place that night agreed with Jimmie - man, do we miss his little brother.










In 2009 Stevie Ray Vaughan's mother Martha died.  She was buried with Stevie's father, next to SRV

Below are updated photos of how the gravesite now looks:



Updated grave photos courtesy of our friend Craig B.


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