September 14, 1949 to October 20, 1977

COD:  Plane Crash


"Someday we are all going to be in his shadow, " stated Ronnie Van Zant about his new band member Steve Gaines.  Gaines was truly an astonishing talent as the video below shows.  He not only was a virtuoso guitar player, but he had a soulful voice, and was an excellent songwriter.  Steve co-wrote the song performed below.  He infused Lynyrd Skynyrd with a new energy.  His talents would not have eclipsed that of the other's, as Van Zant concluded, because they were such a compliment to the rest of the band's strengths.  Lynyrd Skynyrd's final album, and only one featuring Steve Gaines, was Street Survivors.  Its brilliance stands as a sad testament to what might have been.  




On June 29, 2000 both Steve Gaines' and Ronny Van Zant's gravesites were vandalized.  Consequently Van Zant was relocated to another cemetery and the rumors were that Gaines' remains were also removed.  A number of sources seem to verify this, however, The Death 2ur spoke with an employee of the cemetery who assures us that Steve Gaine's remains are still in this crypt just feet from his sister's remains (Cassie's crypt can be seen to the left in this photo.)







Steve's sister Cassie's remains are interred behind the center tree.  To the left is the former burial site of  Ronnie Van Zant.










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