COD:  ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

BURIAL:  Hillside Memorial Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I want my epitaph to say, 'Here lies Scott LeDoux, who was a good family man, a good father and a good friend.' "

Scott LeDoux certainly achieved the goals he mentioned in the above quote.  Not only was he an honest, simple-spoken man, but he may have been the toughest son-of-a bitch to ever climb into the boxing ring.  LeDoux was not a boxer of great skill and did not amass a great winning percentage, but he fought with a lion's heart and anyone that stepped into the ring with him knew they had been in a fight.  He did achieve a draw against Leon Spinks and another with an over-the-hill Ken Norton, but LeDoux's legacy is that unrelenting drive.








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