June 4, 1926 to July 10, 1958

COD:  Kidney failure after contracting measles

BURIAL:  Renville Cemetery, Renville, Illinois\

As  is often the case with graves visited by the Death 2ur, viewing the actual grave makes a person real.  We remembered Robert Earl Hughes from our childhood when, with a sense of awe and disbelief, we would page through The Guinness Book of World Records .  We never looked at him with pity, but somehow seemed to like him even if we knew him as simply "the heaviest man in the world."  Upon visiting his grave and learning more about him it became clear that Robert Earl Hughes was a remarkable man.  He was a man who loved visitors and welcomed everyone to his little part of the world with open arms and a smile.   Just a small-town farm boy who didn't bemoan his lot in life, but just simply loved meeting folks.










"For if the spirit's always bigger than the form that it assumes, than there is no bigger spirit than the ghost of Robert Hughes."


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