(November 6, 1967 - July 18, 1989)


"She had this kid voice…sounded like a little brat or something…said I was wasting her time! …Wasting her time! No matter what, I thought that was a very callous thing to say to a fan, you know…I grabbed the door…guns still in the bag…I grab it by the trigger…I come around, and kapow, and she's like screaming… aaahhh…screaming…why, aaahhh … and it's like, oh God…"

                                                                                            -Robert John Bardo


Murder Site

120 N. Sweetzer Ave., Hollywood CA


Ahavai Shalom Cemetery Portland OR

Ahavai Shalom Cemetery, Portland Oregon

Rebecca Schaeffer grave

Rebecca Schaeffer Grave

Rebecca Schaeffer grave

Rebecca Schaeffer grave



The clip below is from Rebecca Schaeffer's TV sitcom My Sister Sam.  It was all-in-all a rather horrible show, but Rebecca was the one good thing about it.  She had a sweet sincerity amidst all the other overacting (I mean, really, David Naughton?).  When Woody Allen and Francis Ford Coppola both take notice of you, you must have something.  In fact, Rebecca was headed to an audition for Coppola for a part in The Godfather, Part III the day that she was killed.




Below is a tribute video to Rebecca Schaeffer.  It includes one of the most heat-wrenching moments you will likely experience - Rebecca's mother's statement at the killer's trial.  It also includes a rather poetic statement from Marcia Clark.



Rebecca Schaeffer grave


RIP Rebecca


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