Actor Peter Lawford Using Dressing Room Mirror to Tie His Tie
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PETER LAWFORD  (1923 - 1984)

COD:  Congestive Heart Failure

ASHES: Lawford's cremated remains were originally interred at Westwood Memorial Park very near where Marilyn Monroe is buried.  However, due to a dispute with the owners of the cemetery, his ex-wife removed his ashes and had them scattered over the Pacific Ocean.  Having paid her a tidy sum, The National Enquirer was allowed to go along for the ride and take photographs.

Although Lawford is often lumped in with Joey Bishop as one of the "Rat Pack hangers-on," his list of film appearances, which includes "Mrs.Miniver,"  is quite impressive.  He probably would never have been able to "hang" with the big boys, though, if it hadn't been for his wife being one of the Kennedys. 



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