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May 27th, 197l to April 25th, 2002

Without question the most talented and dynamic of the threesome that made up TLC.  Her big brown doe eyes belied a troubled soul.  She never seemed to be at peace in her life whether with the friction between her and her band mates or the problems with on again, off again boyfriend Andre Rison (Just a side note here, what kind of man has Lisa Lopes as his girlfriend and still finds it necessary to dally elsewhere?).  Towards the end of her life she spent time in Honduras trying to find some focus and direction.  Lisa said time and again that she felt a spirit was after here.  On April 25th, 2002 it seems that spirit caught up to her.  She died in an SUV rollover.  She was the  driver of the vehicle and the only casualty.   She was also a talented designer and was beginning work on a new solo album which would have been very interesting to hear.  Lisa "left eye" Lopes - a dynamic, sexy, troubled, spirited, talented young woman - will truly be missed.






Gravesite photos courtesy of Dan Bruner

Actual video of Lisa's car crash:






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