"Arguably the most influential high school gym teacher in American popular culture." - The New York Times

January 11, 1933 to September 20, 2010

COD:  Alzheimer's Disease

BURIAL:  Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida

As the lore goes, Leonard Skinner was the gym teacher at Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville, Florida, which was also the school attended by the future members of Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Skinner, a former military man and wearer of a crew cut at the time,  apparently had given the guys a hard time for the length of their hair, including sending Gary Rossington to the principal's office on one occasion.  Skinner would later state that although he didn't care for long hair on men, he was simply enforcing the rules.  The band took the teacher's name and gave it a different spelling to accentuate a Southern drawl pronunciation.  Skinner originally was not overjoyed by the honor, but later came to embrace it as the band's popularity increased.  He even went so far as to allow the use of his Real Estate business sign on an album cover and even once introduced the band at a Jacksonville concert.  Leonard Skinner's gravesite has, until now, been something of a mystery to the general public.  Riverside Memorial Park does not give out any Skynyrd grave locations, although by now, most of the locations for the band members are well-known to fans.  The Death 2ur is proud to be the first to honor Mr. Skinner by sharing photos of his final resting place. 














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