JUNE 6, 1978 TO JULY 27, 1988

COD:  Murdered by her father

BURIAL:  Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Hollywood Hills, California, Sheltering Hills Section


On many occasions over my sixteen years with The Death 2ur, visiting a particular grave has brought me to tears.  But nothing prepared me for what I felt when I stood over the final resting place of Judith Barsi.  I found myself fighting back sobs.  I knew all of the stories of how she was abused by her father and how he shot her in the head while she slept, then turned the gun on her mother, and eventually on himself.  But when you stand over a grave everything becomes very tangible and real.  There were now six feet of cold, heavy earth over this beautiful little girl.  A child's laughter may be the most intoxicating sound in the universe, but now it had been silenced by a brutal, ugly hand.  Judith had been betrayed by the very people who were supposed to protect her and keep her safe - her parents and the California social system.  She had been discovered at the age of five when Hollywood agents took notice of her at a skating rink.  Because of her sweet presence and the fact that she looked much younger than her age, she became a hot commodity.  Even though that too is another form of exploitation of Judith it does allow us the joy of watching  her on film.  We share some of those moments with you on this page.

  Sleep tight, Judith. -  Todd


Judith and her mother remained in unmarked graves for sixteen years before Nancy Kelly of Yelm, Washington started a fund-raiser that garnered the money for the headstones.  Kelly had been a tutor to Judith on the set of one of her films. "Our Concrete Angel" is in reference to a Martina McBride song about child abuse.  "Yep! Yep! Yep!" is her character "Ducky's" catchphrase from "The Land That Time Forgot."





Judith rests next to her mother Maria


JEB refers to Judith Eva Barsi.









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