It is understood that when you are a lawyer and someone hires you to be their advocate, you must pronounce their innocence and do whatever you can to get them acquitted.  However, there are lines of human decency and professional ethics that should not be crossed.  When Johnnie Cochran entered the Simpson courtroom building with The Nation of Islam as his bodyguard it was an affront to all humanity in general and a cruel insult to the victim, Ronald Goldman and his family who are all Jewish.  The Nation of Islam is a notoriously anti-Semitic organization and had no place at the trial but for Cochran's grandstanding and insensitivity.  In another instance when the jury was to visit Simpson's home, Cochran and his team arrived there ahead of time and took down all offensive photos of Simpson's wife and his girlfriend in various suggestive poses.  In their place they put up photographs of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X and the like to clearly sway the opinions of the jury.  So much for professional ethics. 




Cochran's crypt is the one three up from the floor with the small balloon.



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