1982 - 1999


On April 20, 1999 John Tomlin was in the library at Columbine High School as he was every day during his study hall.  When the shooting began, he hid under one of the tables as the teacher instructed him.  As the shooting neared the library he noticed a fellow student under another table begin to panic.  He called her over to hide with him.  Eric Harris eventually fired his weapon blindly under their table, injuring them both.  Dylan Klebold followed up by shooting John in the head from point blank range.  John Tomlin was killed almost instantly.  The girl he had helped, survived the ordeal.  As testimonials came in after the massacre it became clear that this was an example of the kind of person that John Tomlin was.  A devout Christian who, as one other student put it, "was the most mature sixteen-year old that I ever knew."  John is the only victim of the Columbine shootings who is not buried in Colorado.  He rests at St. Peters Cemetery in his former home town of Waterford, Wisconsin.









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