Jesse Woodson James
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Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Kearney, Missouri


The far left, flat stone is that of Archie Samuel, Jesse's stepbrother.  Archie was killed by a bomb thrown into the James' farmhouse by Pinkerton detectives.  The second, large jagged stone is that of Zerelda Samuel, Jesse's mother.  The large, flat stone has both Jesse and his wife's (Zerelda James) names on it.  The white, military stone with the confederate flags is Jesse James.'  The large, rough stone to the far right is that of Jesse's stepfather, Reuben Samuel.  







The James-Younger Gang (L-R): Cole Younger Jesse James Bob Younger Frank James
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 Dead Body of Outlaw Jesse James Photograph
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It is in this house, Jesse James' home in St. Joseph, Missouri where Bob Ford put a bullet in the back of James' head.  The house is now a museum and supposedly the original hole in the wall from where James was shot is still there.  However, by examining the picture to the left there is clearly no exit wound.  Just another one of the myths built up to help cash in on the "legend" that is Jesse James.





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