Even though I am a devout Hank Williams fan and consider him one of the true giants in the history of music, I also realize that no one does these things alone.  Hank had plenty of help, from Fred Rose his producer, who honed his rough-edged songs, to even his wife Audrey, who was surely the inspiration for many of those gut-wrenching, heartache tunes.  But even less noticeable are those musicians who played at Hank's side.  Hank's band was called "The Drifting Cowboys" and through the years many names came and went.  To me, the ones that were at his side during the final moments of Hank's career, and arguably his most artistically successful, deserve special recognition.  Two of my personal favorites are Don Helms and Jerry Rivers.  Helms played the steel guitar and Rivers sawed a mean fiddle.  It was standard, at the time, for studio musicians to sit in with the stars during their recording sessions.  However, Hank Williams said "if these boys are good enough to be on the road with me, they're good enough to record."  So it was.- Todd





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