On June 7th, 1998 James Byrd, Jr. was walking home from his niece's bridal shower.  Three white men, professed members of the Confederate Knights of America, a white supremacist group, chained Mr. Byrd to the back of their truck and dragged him three miles down an asphalt highway until his body was dismembered.   James was the father of three who, due to an arm injury, was living on disability checks.  James Byrd, Sr.  and James' two sisters attended the trials of the defendants, two of which received the death penalty for capital murder, and a third, life in prison without parole.  James was still not allowed to rest in peace.  His grave was consequently desecrated and racial epithets written on it.   The Death 2ur cannot express how fucking angry all of this makes us.  RIP Mr. Byrd.


An iron fence once ran between the "white" and "black" sections of the cemetery.  In 1999, in honor of Mr. Byrd, the fence was taken down.




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