November 5, 1946 to September 19th, 1973

COD:  Morphine and Tequila Overdose

BURIAL:  Garden of Memories, Metairie, Louisiana

Gram Parsons never achieved great fame or success as a solo artist. His greatest strength seemed to be his ability to congeal the talents around him with his own skills.  Parsons was an integral part of various groups including The Pacers, The Legends, The Shilos, The International Submarine Band, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Fallen Angels, and most notably, replacing David Crosby in The Byrds and being part of the "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" album.  Gram Parsons greatest addition to music lore may well be posthumous.  Parsons had revealed to friends his desire to be cremated at The Joshua Tree instead of being buried.  Upon arrival in Louisiana for burial, Gram's body was stolen by two of his friends and driven to the Joshua tree and set afire.  His friends were levied a meager fine and Parsons' remains were eventually returned to Louisiana and interred.





Gravesite photos and cemetery map courtesy of Peter Many, New Orleans, Louisiana



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