It has long been a Death 2ur policy that we use only photographs and video that we ourselves have taken.  However, as much as we have traveled, there is that occasion when we miss something, or an instance where a photograph or a story is so compelling that we must include it on our site.  The following individuals have contributed and we thank them.  If you are interested in being a Death 2ur contributor, email us with your ideas and we'll be happy to consider them.


     BRAD RALPH, Morwell, Melbourne, Australia

          Bon Scott Gravesite Photos, Phar Lap photos, Tony Scott Gravesite photos, Richard Dawson Gravesite photo, Mickey Rooney Gravesite photo, Walter Lindrum gravesite photos, Jack Klugman gravesite photos, Dee Dee Ramone gravesite photos, Jeff Henneman gravesite photo, Ella Fitzgerald gravesite photo, Peggy Lee gravesite photos, Carrie Hamilton gravesite photos, Sage Stallone gravesite photos

     PETER MANY, New Orleans, Louisiana

          Mahalia Jackson gravesite photos, John Kennedy Toole gravesite photos

     RYAN REIST, British Columbia, Canada

          Nicole Brown Simpson Gravesite photo, Bundy Murder scene photos, Manson murder scene photos, Black Dahlia murder site photo

     JOSH LATE, Woodbridge, Virginia      

          Stevie Ray Vaughan autopsy report, Dime Darrell Abbott concert photos

     CHERYL BECK, Minneapolis, Minnesota

          Graceland/Elvis Gravesite Photos, Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination Site photos

     DAN BRUNER, Atlanta, Georgia

          Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Gravesite Photos

     LISA BURKE - "Adventures in Grave Hunting" blog

          Michael Jackson Crypt photo

     SUZANNE CALDWELL, Eagan, Minnesota

          Napoleon Gravesite photos

     SHELLEY COOK, Beaumont, Texas

          Babe Didrikson Zaharias Gravesite photos

     DANI GALLAS, Chicago, Illinois

          Al Capone Gravesite Photos

     LISA KINGSBURY, Minneapolis, Minnesota

          Benjamin Franklin Gravesite Photos

     JACK MILLER, DeLand, Florida

          Jackie Gleason Gravesite photos, Geronimo Gravesite photos

     JOSH PERRY, Sterling Heights, Michigan

          Rosa Parks Gravesite photos

     LORI RICHARDS, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

          Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Photos

     SWAGATO, Oxford, U. K. - PIXEL POETRY, flickr

          Ingmar Bergman Gravesite Photos

     STEVE WILLIAMS - "The Georgia Road Geek" blog

          Ralph Emery Future Gravesite photos