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2 big burly blokes...that look like they could scare little old ladies, but who really have hearts of gold.. what a cute little lamb...the hardest thing in life to understand is why kids have to die.  Peace little one. xx

Miss Greenie, Australia

(on our visit to JonBenet Ramsey's grave.)

I just wanted to tell you guys that what you are doing is just awesome.  I stumbled across your Chris Farley video on Youtube and went to your website and looked at quite a bit of what you had.  Thank you so muc for your dedication, although some may see it as obsession.  But whether people want to admit it or not generally everyone is infatuated with death.  Whether it be of a celebrity or not.  But you have made it much more accessible for the public to experience even if it's just a glimpse at where they want to pay their respects the most, and sadly most of us will never get to see them.  So once again, way to go.  And may your journeys carry you onward.

With much respect,


fuck me guys you certainly like your death don't 'ya? mental site or what?  hahaha lotsa dead sites, you chaps are really a bunch of head the balls.  respect to you i love fuckin' nutnuts, mad dogs and englishmen.


United Kingdom


This post is dedicated to Todd, Tom and Paul. They have a most righteous, albeit somewhat morbid website chronicling their pursuits of deadness. Three Horsemen of the Mullet Apocalypse belching and burping their short pants and tube soxed way through most of America's tragedy hotspotz. I love these guys, I UNDERSTAND them. But dudes...burp on the way to or from the gravesite, not in front of.

Here's a clip of the three amigos paying a visit to Stevie Ray Vaughn's helicopter crash site...ooooh and the plot thickens when there is mention of a SRV ghost...

Enjoy the burps? I sure did. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse I found this one:

Someone needs to call Aretha and have her slap some R-E-S-P-E-C-T into these professional Bar-B-Q'ers. It's Lead Belly, fer gosh darn sake! Ship' em off to some Ghoul Charm School, like in Switzerland or wherever people learn to be fancy.

Then again, there are too many fancy people in this world as it is. Belch away, brothers! Meet us halfway and at least say "Excuse me".

YouTube - lilbrokenpixiwings  8, 2007
Hey guy's,
you made my day, I just saw the Chris Farley Vid.
I love that man, I was feeling really down today and you guys lifted me up!
He was the best and will always be.
I guess Im a lil Chris Farley crazy.
I hope someday soon I can visit his grave site.
God bless you!
Broken pixi

You Tube - KahnMosh

What a bunch of morons!

You Tube - beotchslayer2000

When i was little i visited the graves with my mom and brother i at the tiem didnt know who brandon but i saw enter the dragon and knew a lil bout bruce but i still payed my respects to the greatest martial artist and his son who was a good martial artist as well, and the crow is the best movie in the world so thx for posting

You Tube - balarat84

Awesome stuff watched all your work this morning. A long time friend of mine retraced the steps of lee harvey oswald before and after the assination of jfk in dallas and surrounding area. living out here in colorado we also did a series of famous hunted houses and did a shoot at the stanley hotel in estes park. famous death sites are fav of mine you guys did a great job real interesting coverage. thanks again Rob

ONE if not the greatest ever baseball player EVER!

this is brilliant!  keep these coming!


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