September 11, 2001 - January 8, 2011

Christina-Taylor Green was born on a day of great tragedy and died on a day of tragedy.  She was the youngest of the six victims who died as a result of the Tucson, Arizona shooting.  She had gone to the Safeway supermarket to meet congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was holding a meet-and-greet.  Christina-Taylor, even at the very young age of nine-years old, realized how lucky she was to be leading the wonderful life that she was leading.  She wanted to go into politics one day in order to be able to help those who were less fortunate than herself.  One of the bullets fired by the gunman struck her in the back and pierced her heart and lung.  Doctors believe that she died instantly even though herculean efforts were made at the hospital to revive her.  Christina-Taylor Green was cremated and according to the book As Good as She Imagined (a book written with her mother Roxanna) her ashes were parceled out thusly:  some spread over the Green property, their Maryland farm, Yankee Stadium, Ground Zero, Cape Cod, Boston, and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.  They also kept some in an urn in their house and spread some in the Caribbean that Christina-Taylor loved so much.




Where Christina-Taylor Green attended school.  After Christina-Taylor's death a mother of another student from the Mesa Verde Elementary School shared a story with Roxanna Green.  The mother's son was a new student and sat by himself at the back of the school bus.  Christina-Taylor started sitting with him until he was more acclimated to the student population.  It was something that Roxanna Green had never known about her daughter.



The baseball field where Christina-Taylor's little league team played.  She had said that she wanted to become the first female to play Major League baseball.  The field was renamed Green Field in her honor.  The back of a sculpture donated in her honor is in the foreground. 




"The Angel of Steadfast Love" sculpture by Lei Hennessy Owen.  At the base of the sculpture are two rocks from the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where flight United 93 was brought down by a passenger revolt on September 11, 2001.  The metal is from the World Trade Center and and Pentagon. 



This larger outer piece of metal is from the wreckage of the World Trade Center.  The smaller pieces welded to the inside are objects from the damaged section of the Pentagon building in Washington D.C.






A sculptural likeness of Christina-Taylor Green taking a dove from Christ.




Tucson shooting site where I left a photograph of Christina-Taylor.  R.I.P. sweetheart, you have influenced many, including an old man from Minnesota. - Todd.




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