July 9, 1946 to February 19, 1980

COD:  Acute alcohol poisoning

BURIAL:  Fremantle Cemetery, Fremantle, Australia

AC/DC's lead singer Bon Scott possessed the filthiest, most-guttural, blues/rock voice that ever growled from a human throat.  That voice was a perfect complement to the kinetic bursts of raw energy that emanated from Angus Young's lead guitar.  To see some of their early performances is to witness pure, primordial  Rock and Roll.  As with Blues, Heavy Metal is at its best with simple chords and riffs that are elevated by passionate, unbridled performance.  When Bon Scott left this world with the Rock and Roll cliché of "aspirated on his own vomit" he was replaced by the quite astounding Brian Johnson who took AC/DC to the heights of popularity with their comeback album "Back and Black" being the third biggest seller in Rock history.  But, man oh man, there will never be another BON. - Todd













The grave of Bon Scott in Fremantle Cemetery, Fremantle, Western Australia, a heritage-listed grave site. The National Trust of Australia brass plaque was stolen from the grave site on 9 July 2006(2006-07-09), Scott's 60th birthday. (Photo and description courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, Author: Nachoman-au.)



 AC/DC - Highway to Hell
AC/DC - Highway...

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67 Overhill Road, East Dulwich, London.

 It is at this location that Bon Scott passed out in his friend's car and was left there to sleep it off.  He was discovered unresponsive the following morning.

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, Author: Gypsycat)





All photos on this page, unless otherwise indicated, courtesy of Brad Ralph, Morwell, Melbourne, Australia.







Memorial Plaque to Bon Scott in Kirriemuir, Scotland where he was born.

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons (Author: JoBaMo)






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