Not a great deal is known about the life of Blind Lemon Jefferson.  He was born in a small town in Texas, which was near what is now Wortham, Texas, and he died in Chicago during a snow storm.  Some say he froze to death, others that he died of a heart attack.  What is known is his music which was well preserved and reflects a style unlike most other blues musicians of his time.  His self-accompaniment and vocals were very loosely connected and often led to wildly unpredictable rhythms.   Lemon was known to have traveled a time with Lightnin' Hopkins during Hopkins early years as a musician.  Lightnin' acted as something of a guide as Jefferson was blind from birth.   Lemon's grave was left unmarked for decades until in 1967 a historical marker was erected.  Then, in 1997 the headstone pictured below was erected and the historical marker updated.  One of Blind Lemon's song titles is used as his epitaph.









In 2007 the cemetery, formerly known as the  Wortham Black  Cemetery, was named for Blind Lemon Jefferson.


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