We've all come across them on our travels across the nation's highways.   They appear out of nowhere and for an instant we imagine the carnage and the grief that they represent.  It is often just a quick flash as we speed down a freeway, or even take a curve on a winding country road.  They are just blurred names of accident victims that we will never know.  Now, however, we choose to pause and put faces and stories with three of the names on those crosses.   The white crosses pictured above are a memorial to three brothers.  Matthew, Jacob, and Justin Backstrom were three young men raised in a farming community no more than twenty miles outside of the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  They were on their way back to that community from visiting a Minneapolis suburb when they were struck head-on by a drunk driver.  That driver was also speeding and talking on his cell phone.  The Backstrom boys were all wearing their seatbelts and following the rules of the road when the oncoming vehicle crossed into their lane, attempting to pass.   It took nearly two hours to extricate all of the Backstroms from their vehicle.  The three white crosses were erected near the spot about one mile east of a small Minnesota town known as Farmington.  Matthew, Jacob, and Justin were laid to rest in a small country cemetery near their home town of Hampton, Minnesota.  The boys were honored at their funeral with a paint gun salute and a Mountain Dew toast.  





























We invite you to also visit THE MAYER SISTERS page.  The Mayers are a family that lost three daughters in a car accident on January 1st of the same year that the Backstroms were killed.  Both families are devout Christian families and their stories of unimaginable sorrow and unyielding faith are inspiration for all.  The spirit of these two families humbles us.-TheDeath 2ur


(Engraving from the top of the Backstrom Brothers tombstone.)


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