April 20th, 1889 to April 30th, 1945

COD:  Self-inflicted gunshot would to the head/Ingestion of Cyanide capsule


 German Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler Wearing Lederhosen and Shirt with Party Swastika Armband
German Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler Wearing Lederhosen and Shirt with Party Swastika Armband Premium Photographic Print
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In the postwar years there were conflicting reports about what happened to Hitler's remains.  After the fall of the Soviet Union it was revealed from records in the Soviet archives that the bodies of Hitler, Eva Braun, Joseph and Magda Goebbels, the six Goebbels children, General Hans Krebs and Hitler's dogs, were secretly buried in graves near Rathenow in Brandenberg.  In 1970, the REMAINS WERE DISINTERRED, CREMATED and scattered in the Elbe river by the Soviets.  According to the Russian Federal Security Service, a fragment of human skull stored in its archives and displayed to the public in a 2000 exhibition came from the remains of Hitler's body and is all that remains of Hitler.  The authenticity of the skull has been challenged by historians and researchers.  DNA analysis conducted in 2009 showed the skull fragment to be that of a woman under the age of 40. - WIKIPEDIA



 Hitler Youth Parade, Nazi Germany, 1933
Hitler Youth Parade, Nazi Germany, 1933 Photographic Print
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