C = Cenotaph, F = Future burial site


DON ADAMS                                 EDDIE ALBERT                        MOREY AMSTERDAM           EDWARD ARNOLD                  JIM BACKUS                          BOB BARKER (F)                      NOAH BEERY                      JOHN BELUSHI (C)            MILTON BERLE                      TED BESSELL                        DAN BLOCKER              SORRELL BOOKE                  TOM BOSLEY                     EDGAR BUCHANAN              SEBASTIAN CABOT                 JOHN CANDY                        DAVID CARRADINE               DENNIS COLE                    CHUCK CONNORS                   WILLIAM CONRAD               BERT CONVY                            


BOB CRANE                 RICHARD DAWSON         PETER FALK                      CHRIS FARLEY                NORMAN FELL                     REDD FOXX                    WILLIAM FRAWLEY               CHRISTOPHER GEORGE        JACKIE GLEASON         GEORGE GOBEL                     LORNE GREENE                      DAVID JANSSEN               BRIAN KEITH                         JACK KLUGMAN                     TED KNIGHT                         DON KNOTTS                 HARVEY KORMAN        MICHAEL LANDON             FRED MACMURRAY             ROSS MARTIN                    DOUG MCCLURE


DARREN MCGAVIN     RICARDO MONTALBAN      ALLY MOORE                         CLAYTON MOORE                   VIC MORROW                  OZZIE NELSON                RICKY NELSON            CARROLL O’CONNOR             TOM POSTON                          JOHN RITTER               GEORGE SAVALAS                 TELLY SAVALAS                    PHIL SILVERS                        MCLEAN STEVENSON    GLENN STRANGE                  VIC TAYBACK                        FORREST TUCKER                  JACK WEBB             LAWRENCE WELK               ROBERT YOUNG




EVE ARDEN                                        BEA BENADERET                    BARBARA BILLINGSLEY       NELL CARTER                         LYNN CARTWRIGHT               FARRAH FAWCETT                   EVA GABOR                    ESTELLE GETTY                       AUDRA LINDLEY                     HARRIET NELSON              LAWANDA PAGE         SUZANNE PLESHETTE DONNA REED                   IRENE RYAN                REBECCA SCHAEFFER           ISABEL SANFORD             DINAH SHORE            LORETTA YOUNG 



STEVE ALLEN                          HY AVERBACK                  WILLIAM BELL                        FRED DECORDOVA  LARRY GELBART                    MARK GOODSON                  MERV GRIFFIN            SHELDON LEONARD   SHERWOOD SCHWARTZ  SIDNEY SHELDON            AARON SPELLING    BRANDON TARTIKOFF


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