Sitting Bull, c.1885
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1831 - 1890

Lakota Chief and Holy Man.  Sitting Bull saw his first combat with the white man at the age of 14.  Known for his bravery and insight he became head of the Lakota Nation in 1868.  His courage and defiance toward the white man became legendary.  During one battle he sat calmly as bullets flew around him.  Eventually, when the fighting was over, he cleaned out his pipe and departed.  Sitting Bull's greatest claim to fame came at the Battle of Little Big Horn.  Gold had been discovered in the Black Hills and treaties with the American Indian were simply a nuisance. Custer's army attacked what they thought was going to be a small contingency of Native American warriors, but the Lakota, including Crazy Horse, and others from around the area, numbering 3000, answered Sitting Bull's call.  The rest is American Lore.  Later, Sitting Bull spent time touring in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.  He was paid $50.00 to ride around the arena   He eventually returned to the Dakotas, still carrying much weight of influence in the area.  Many were concerned that Sitting Bull would join the Ghost Dancer movement, an underground organization of Native American's still bent on defying the white man and returning land to the Indian.  The Lakota Police attempted to arrest Sitting bull in order to keep him from joining the movement.  Many of his followers waited outside his cabin as he was taken away.  In the fight that ensued, Sitting Bull was shot in the head by tribal police.  The great Native American warrior was originally buried in Fort Yates, South Dakota, however, his body was exhumed and returned to Mobridge, South Dakota.  Sitting Bull rests there overlooking the Missouri river.
























Sitting Bull
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