1923 - 1953

Hank Williams’ genius is that he wrote painfully, acutely personal songs that maintained a universal appeal.  He probed his own soul, truthfully, deeply - consequently touching everyone’s soul.  Hank Williams wrote songs in the late 40’s and early 50’s and those songs stand up in the 21st century.

Hiram “Hank” Williams – a man with an eighth-grade education, everyman, a genius, the greatest songwriter of the 20th century.





The Hank Williams Memorial includes Hank's grave and a matching tombstone for his first wife, and inspiration for all of Hank 's heartache songs, Audrey.  The tablet just to the right of the Memorial is the grave of Hank's mother.







The back side of Hank's stone has a sentiment engraved on it from Audrey.




The above photographs are from The Death 2ur's first visit to Hank Williams' gravesite in 1994.  We were inspired by Alan Jackson's video of his song "Midnight in Montgomery" where he takes a late-night visit to Hank's grave in Montgomery, Alabama.  It was the very first Death 2ur adventure that led to the many that have followed.  Below is a video of our second visit in 2000.  If you contact the Montgomery police department ahead of time, they will allow you a visit to the site at midnight.  We've only been there in the daylight, but our third visit will be coming soon.  We are amazed at the number of fans that showed up from all over the world, even during our short, three-hour visits.




During our first visit we accidentally spilled some Jack Daniel's on the visitors' bench at Hank's Memorial.  We meant no disrespect, I think Hank understood.

Hank Williams grave


Upon our return to The Hank Williams Memorial we discovered that our Jack Daniel's stain was still visible.  Our mark remains as Hank's mark remains on our hearts



Downtown Montgomery, Alabama





Once again, the photos are from our 1994 visit during which there was some maintenance being done on the fountain in front of the statue.  The video below is from our second visit and the fountain is functioning in all its glory.


Hank Williams' statue faces the auditorium where his funeral was held.  The number of mourners was estimated to be around 20,000.  There wasn't room in the building for everyone and the crowd spilled out into the streets.  The funeral was broadcast over radio so all could experience the service which also included performances from Grand Ole Opry legends.


Hank Williams and the Drifters at Journey's End, Camden, Alabama, 1947
Hank Williams and the Drifters at Journey's End, Camden, Alabama, 1947 Art Print
Loren, Dennis

Hank Williams died from a combination of drugs and alcohol while riding in the backseat of his baby blue Cadillac headed for a New Year's Eve show in Canton, Ohio.




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