Frequently Axed Questions

Why do you guys do this?

Country singer Alan Jackson's video for his song "Midnight in Montgomery" inspired us to visit Hank Williams grave in 1994. The trip was profoundly spiritual and inexplicably uplifting. From that point forward it became a yearly event, with smaller journeys in between. The Death 2ur has continued to grow. Our website has doubled in popularity each of the last five years.

What's the deal with "Wad" the sheep?

Wad is our toy sheep mascot.  The idea for Wad came during our 1996 Death 2ur "Hide Your Sheep."  There were many rock tours that were deemed the "Hide your wives and daughters" tours and we wanted to one-up that idea.  Wad was purchased from a Wal Mart in February 1996 and has been with us ever since. 

Christ and Curly?

 “Christ and Curly” is the essence of the Death 2ur.  It is the reverent and the irreverent coexisting.  It is the serious with the silly.  When we spend the day visiting cemeteries and pondering death, the night usually results in a release of general goofiness and “hell raising.”  The Death 2ur slams these two mind-sets against each other and the result is a tour-de-force of emotions crammed into three or four days.  However, that’s not to say that these two extremes never interact, for surly there were those rare occasions when Christ laughed and Curly cried.

Why fart in a mausoleum?


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