Robert Johnson - King of The Delta Blues
Robert Johnson - King of The Delta Blues Poster
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Robert Johnson Grave

 Payne Chapel Memorial Baptist Church - Quito, MS

    There is no more mythological person in the history of modern music than Robert Johnson.  The legendary story of his going to the "crossroads" and selling his soul to the devil for musical talent is well known.  However, there is some question as to where Johnson is actually buried.  There are three different gravesites.  This is the one we chose.  Only his actual gravesite would have a half-empty bottle of Old Forester.

If Robert Johnson did in fact sell his soul to the Devil, the Devil came a calling in the guise of a jealous husband.  The man poisoned Johnson who consequently spent three days in excruciating agony before dying.  Johnson left behind only twenty nine songs, but those songs are brilliantly spare and haunting.  No other performer has produced such a small body of work and yet had such a vast influence on so many that followed.

 Robert Johnson at the Crossroads
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Singer Huddie Ledbetter known as Leadbelly
Singer Huddie Ledbetter known as Leadbelly Premium Photographic Print
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Huddie "lead belly" Ledbetter grave

               Shiloh Baptist Church - Mooringsport, LA

Huddie "Lead belly" Ledbetter was an arrogant, surly man.  His immense talents, however, won people over.  Even politicians pardoned him from prison just to enable him to share his gift with the world.  Lead belly possesses the most prolific, diverse catalog of music this side of Hank Williams and Muddy Waters.  Songs from "House of the Rising Sun" to "Midnight Special" have become staples in the music world.

         Lead belly's gravesite is also legendary for the infamous "Leadbelly Fart", courtesy of Paul "Lead ass."  It is available only on Decade of Death, the Best of the Death Tour DVD.  It must be heard to be believed!.


 Albert King - The Best of Albert King
Albert King - The Best of Albert King Photographic Print
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Albert King Grave

  Paradise Gardens Cemetery - Edmondson, AK

Without question, if there had been no Albert King, there would have been no Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan.


Mississippi John Hurt Grave

Saint James Cemetery - Avalon, MS

    Mississippi John Hurt's talents certainly do not compare to the three men listed previously.  His strength was in his longevity and being at the right place at the right time.  During a rediscovering of the blues in the '60's he was in demand as a "living legend."

        Finding this gravesite was truly one of the most exhilarating in the history of the DEATH 2UR.  Mississippi John Hurt is buried in the rural backwoods of Mississippi.  Most of the land is posted and as Scott Stanton, author of The Tombstone Tourist puts it, "these people love their guns."  This is one of those instances where pictures won't tell the story.  It is another adventure on the Decade of Death: The Best of the Death 2ur DVD.




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