The photos that follow will in no way compete with those that have been presented on news channels and in newspapers across the globe.  These are simply photos of our point of view.  It is what the average Minnesotan can see as they attempt to take a peek at history.

Reporters gather at the northern end of the collapsed bridge.


From this vantage point only the north end (lower left) and the south end (upper right)  are visible.  The center of the bridge has disappeared from the picture illustrating how far it plummeted into the Mississippi river.

This is the 35W bridge as it appears today after reconstruction.  The bridge was completed by the one-year anniversary of the disaster.







One of the most powerful images from the disaster.  It is evidence of how just a matter of seconds or a matter of feet meant the difference between life and death.  The tractor-trailer in the photo burst into flames after the collapse and its driver perished.  Just a few feet away over fifty children traveling in a school bus survived.




An image from the west side of the bridge approximately one third of the way down from the north.


The silver car above somehow landed on the side edge of a twisted highway section.  The young woman driver walked away unharmed.


This is a long view from the historical Stone Arch Bridge that angles southwest away from the 35 W Bridge. The center  portion of the bridge that fell into the Mississippi is visible with its white stripes facing the camera.


This section of twisted girders is just to the left of the above photo.




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